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Brookfields Primary School Newsletter

Friday 29th March 2018

Brookfields Primary School, Hingeston Street, B18 6PU 0121 675 1897

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                 Head Teacher: Mrs Julie Berrow                                   Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs Jane Cross


This really has been a week of showcasing the talents of children at Brookfields. This morning's concert included ukuleles, flutes and singing. Y4 put on a brilliant "Charlie and the Chocolate

Factory" on Tuesday. We have also found out that 19 of our Yl pupils are going through to the next stage of the Royal Ballet's Dancetrack project, with the possibility of dance lessons.

Remember that this term finishes on Thursday 29th March and we come back to school on Monday 16th April.

Have a happy and safe Easter holiday.

The next coffee morning will be in the Community House on Tuesday 17th April.

The sessions on 24th April and 1 st May will be hosted by t'Suited for Success", who support unemployed women with finding work. Please ask Mrs Downs if you are interested or just come

Stay and Play will be on Thursday 19th April.

TERM DATES 2017-2018 Summer Term 2018:

Monday 16th April-Friday 20th July 2018

Half Term: Monday 28th May-Friday 1st June 2018

Autumn term 2018 starts on Monday 3d September.

Progress meetings: Summer Term 2018 Year 4C (Mrs Chauhan) Thursday 3rd May Nursery (Miss Begum) Thursday 3rd May Year 4M (Mr Miles) Thursday 10th May

Please make sure you can come on these dates. Teachers are released from class so that they can meet with you and are available before and after school.


Last week's question: Which country won this year's Six Nations Rugby Championship? Answer: Ireland.

Holiday question: In which ocean will you find the Maldives islands?

Thursday 29th March 2018 Ofsted Update

Dear Parents/Carers,

Following the Ofsted inspection of Brookfields in December 2017, this is an update on our actions towards the areas for improvement. Brookfields is being supported by the Local Authority and the Greet Teaching School Alliance, who are working alongside senior leaders to strengthen the leadership and management of the school.

I am pleased to tell you that the Local Authority's Statement of Action for the school has been accepted by the DfE and this is an important milestone. The next plan to be completed is the school's Post-Ofsted action plan. That is work in progress at the moment and should be finished early next term, but we have been working on the improvements at the same time.

The actions we have taken to improve behaviour include:

Training staff so that they are clear about routines, rewards and sanctions.

Buying more equipment for the playground.

Giving out class tokens for good behaviour moving around school and lining up.

Implementing "Behaviour Watch" — an electronic recording system for Behaviour incidents.  

Monitoring the number of negative behaviour incidents.

Last week, another head teacher came in to speak to groups of children from Yl-Y6. The children told her that they feel safe in school and that bullying is dealt with by senior leaders. They know who to speak to in school if they are worried or upset.

The children also said that they understand how the behaviour policy works, but don't feel that teachers always do the same. As a result of this, we will put more training in place and we will be reviewing the policy with the children, in the same way that we worked on the anti-bullying policy, so that there is a shared understanding of behaviour across the school community.

As always, we are working on improving our teaching and learning, making an exciting and relevant curriculum for all pupils. We are also working with Greet Primary School on an exciting project to improve results in Reading, which rolls out in the Summer Term.

Next term, we will be asking for parent views on the impact of the improvements we are making, so please look out for that.

If there is anything you would like clarified further, please do come and ask.

With many thanks for your support, which is valuable for us and for your children.

Best wishes,

Mrs Julie Berrow

Mrs Sue Twells

Head Teacher

Chair of Governors

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